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Mine melting goodness.

0h h1 is the first of the December Indie Games I’m putting to the ABSold test; a brief tutorial is all that greets you on the website before you can dive in and put your mind to the test.

0h h1 is best described as sudoku, but with colours. When you dive into the game you can choose your grid size; naturally being a sudoku genius I lept into the 10 x 10 board, but the same rules apply: You can’t have three of the same colour in a row, and each row has to have an equal number of each colour in it.

The joy, and beauty, of both sudoku and 0h h1 is in that simplicity, two rules, in the case of 0h h1, define the entire experience and, given those two pieces of information, you’re then on your own (well.. there’s a helpful “hint” system too) to decipher the rest of the board.

There’s nothing much else to 0h h1 – but there doesn’t need to be. It’s smartly designed with a nice, clean aesthetic and helps to keep the old brain fresh.

It’s free and highly recommended.