Almost Three Whole Years and Skyrim Modded Still Remains One Of the Most Eye Candy Games To Date

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I know – I know exactly what you’re thinking too. How the bloody hell has it been almost three years? It only seems like it came out a few months ago! (Well, maybe to some anyway).

Bethesda’s massively hyped RPG looks just as good as some of the modern games seen in today’s market, if not better than some. In-fact, you’ll actually be pleasantly surprised if you compare the vanilla version with a heavily modded one.

Over the years we’ve seen modders introduce the likes of ENBSeries mods, textures, new female models, pokemon and numerous graphical improvements, most of which you’ll find spread across the corners of the internet.

For this article, I’ve highlighted some of the best that we’ve seen over the last few weeks / months and collated them down in a selection for you to enjoy.

PS – Watch the video posted by YouTube user IZUNIY, featuring Skyrim Ultra Realistic Graphics Mod. Incredible!

Let us know what you think.