• Awe

I’m back to playing really weird, small games. Awe fits both of those requirements down to the ground.

Awe is a strange ‘game’ to write about. I even feel a little strange using the word game at all. I feel even worse about using the quotation marks as if to lessen the game’s meaning. Awe is, at its core, a short audiovisual experience about experimenting, and enjoying the results of both your successes and failures.

That sounds a little bit deeper than it should – but I can’t stress enough how oddly relaxing Awe is. The mechanic is pretty simple – you’re clicking on the world – exploring its colours – and watching how the game’s interface responds. Even missing patterns produces nice visuals and music, while matching what the game is asking you to do will yield even more interesting results and expand your experimentation process.

There’s not much here though. Awe is very much an ‘experience’ with a couple of goals that you, yourself, can enjoy. And enjoy it I did – you can check it out right here and lose yourself for a few minutes.