Bilious Bounty – New Styx: Master of Shadows Trailer

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Step but for a moment into the light, if only to witness a new trailer for Cyanide’s Styx: Master of Shadows. A dark fantasy celebration of verticality – like, proper verticality – with nary a whiff of that single-button autopilot fare that passes for free-running or parkour in modern gaming. And thunderously vomiting a twin goblin into existence.

The previous videos have shown an overview of what Styx is all about, as well as just how fluid dispatching enemies can be. Attack of the Clone provides a few sly showcases of how a freshly-birthed goblin can be utilised as a decoy or something more sinister.

Styx is looming large on the radar. Level complexity has taken a nose-dive in recent years, but one glance at the intricate architecture of Cyanide’s game and I’m already breathing a preemptive sigh of relief. The freeform scaling, thoughtful use of the old Thief light/dark indicator and a fantasy world that seems to twist and rework what would otherwise be the most tawdry of aesthetic tropes. This looks fresh, which is no mean feat.

Before you all slink off to enact your dark deeds within the shroud of darkness, here’s a spiel directly from Focus Home:

Styx’ clone is one of the four Amber-fuelled powers that serve as Styx’ base skills (along with 7 skill trees). Creating a clone opens new potential strategic and tactical opportunities, such as distraction, the ability to blind multiple targets, and lure them to a desired location before tumbling objects onto them. As with all of Styx’ amber-fuelled skills, this uses the rare amber… and you will need to act swiftly, as clones aren’t exactly “stable” and will deteriorate quickly before imploding!

Having unlocked all of the skills from the 7 available skill trees in Styx: Master of Shadows, we’ve previously seen the nimble Styx overcome some of the weaker enemies in the game susceptible to his stealth abilities and dagger… but skills come at a cost, and the Amber to use them is scarce throughout the Tower of Akenash. For example, Styx’ Invisibility skill drains quickly, and uses half your maximum reserve of Amber: you’ll be required to rely primarily on your ability to sneak, plan and time your approach.

Carefully scour the area from above, or watch from the shadows for the perfect moment to deploy your clone – a controllable hunk of flesh able to distract and blind the enemy, hiding in crates to pull them to living deathtraps, or access areas closed to Styx and open new pathways. Styx’ clone is the ultimate ephemeral companion, and the right mix of distraction and skill will open hundreds of opportunities to exploit games in the guards’ patrols. Styx can always rely on his clone – but unable to defend itself, get caught in the light, and the entire Tower will descend upon him.

Styx: Master of Shadows launches in October.