Bloodsports.TV is sort of a Krater sequel

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Sort of.

Those that have tracked the progress of this humble blog and website since its inception will remember Alex and my crazy love for Krater; a top down role playing game that was heavy on the action, heavy on the style and low scoring with the critics. It released too close to Diablo 3 for its own good and was cast aside a merely a loot RPG wannabe. The critics were wrong, and Krater, to this day, remains a misunderstood work of genius. It’s the first game that I recall taking the MOBA style combat and putting it into a single player game, and it worked.

Alex and I, in an echo chamber of Krater love, thought we’d never see a sequel, never see Fatshark get another shot at that universe. Someone was listening, because we wrong… sort of.

Bloodsports.TV is.. well.. here’s the official line:

Bloodsports.TV takes place in a Gladiator style arena set in a ravaged post-apocalyptic Stockholm, that’s been feeling the effects of nuclear detonations, kinectic impacts, bio-weapon plagues and all-consuming nano storms. Combatants battle an endless onslaught of angry villagers, mutants and animals to the sound of a quirky commentator, who provides a minute by minute commentary to the vicious, bloody entertainment, in this fast-paced approach to strategic co-op games.

Team up with your friends to form a murderous crew and choose from a wide variety of deadly Gladiators, each with their own unique abilities and play style. Work together to shoot, smash, stomp, electrocute, drain, and melt your enemies. Or support your fellow Gladiators through healing and buffing up their skills! Find your own strategies in the Bloodsports arena to become an increasingly infamous and prestigious Gladiator in the world of Krater. Achieve higher scores and climb global leaderboards with your friends to become the greatest crew of Gladiators in the world.

Progress through the Path to Glory to achieve personal bonuses and master all classes and reach the top to receive the Grandmaster title, a title sought by all but achieved by few.

It’s not exactly what I wanted, but given the way MOBAs, or at least MOBA type games, have exploded in popularity in the years since Krater’s release it seems only fitting to see another game in that ilk. The game looks to focus heavily on co-op which, hopefully, is a decent throwback to Krater’s party system.

I’m cautious. Extremely cautious and with no word on pricing just yet I’ve got a suspicion that this will be free to play. I’m going to play it though; if only to send a message that more Krater is a good thing. Bloodsports.TV will be with us in April. Oh, and I hate the cel shading.