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Home from work, time for work.

My phone has no battery. As a result I’m playing games instead of procrastinating on Twitter and Snapchat. So tonight I’m working through some free indies; first up Color. (Yes, Color without a U.)

Horrible Americanism aside I like a lot of what Color, so far just in a demo phase, is offering. The game is a puzzler; you control a white line moving through various colours to reach an end goal. The line has to match the colour of the end zone for you to complete a level. It’s simple enough to start with, but Color gradually introduces new mechanics for you to tackle; moving obstacles which, when hit, cause you to fail, or other colours that merge to change the colour of your line.

The later levels in the demo combine all the aspects of the tutorial bits for some fairly interesting results. The game also supports both KB+M and controllers (which I used to play it.) The UI is all in place, it controls nicely and has the potential to be extremely challenging as a full product.

Color has a demo here and you can vote for the game on Steam Greenlight!