Cosmic Star Heroine Alpha Footage

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A healthy dose of old school JRPG goodness never hurt on a Sunday.

Some of my fondest gaming memories were curling up in the front of the TV and grinding away in the latest JRPG; soaking up the music and atmosphere while killing seemingly endless groups of monsters. Cosmic Star Heroine is looking to scratch that JRPG itch for the modern generation; ironically by harking back to some of the great moments of the genre’s history.

Zeboyd Games, the developers behind Cosmic Star Heroine, recently had a playable demo on show to the public at this year’s Playstation Experience. Having received a lot of great response to the demo the team have released a 30 minute video of that Cosmic Star Heroine demo on YouTube for you to cast your eyes over (or watch it in the heading to this post.)

The demo might be lacking a few final features (some sound effects, some gameplay mechanics, items in treasure chests and a lot of polish on the graphics) that will be added in the run up to release, but what’s being shown here is extremely promising and exciting. For those familiar with the JRPG genre Cosmic Star Heroine is doing lots of very interesting things; no random battles is a nice touch, as is the same screen battles from Chrono Trigger – without the usual jarring transition to an abstract battlefield away from the over map. In fact, anything that Cosmic Star Heroine can take from Chrono Trigger is for the better – after all, it’s the best JRPG ever made.

Cosmic Star Heroine is wearing its influences firmly on its sleeve. Anyone who follows the creators on Twitter will know how passionate and knowledgeable they are about the JRPG genre. This isn’t a parody, this isn’t tongue in cheek like some of their other titles. Cosmic Star Heroine looks to be the real deal.

Cosmic Star Heroine should be out early next year – but you can pre-order it right here.