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The first of January’s Indie Games… on the 27th..

It’s been a strange month. Extremely strange, and also very quick. Those 2015 resolutions are already a month old, and those aims and goals you had for yourself only have 11 months to come to fruition. One of my resolutions was to play and write more. So let’s do that shall we? The first game I sat down to play this month was a short, free game from the most recent Ludum Dare. The game, called DotHop (one word) is extremely simple – so much so that even trying to get 300 words about it might turn into 100 words and another 200 of pig latin.

Nevertheless; DotHop is a short game about jumping between floating marshmallows on the top of a very enticing looking hot chocolate. You can teleport in a short, straight line (which is thankfully marked) or, and perhaps my favourite activity, you can hop your weird little creature around. Hopping across these marshmallows is, at least, an extremely cute pass time.

The game only has a few levels though, admitted at the game’s final level where the developer sighs “I should have made more levels.” Yes, he should. There’s a couple of neat ideas on show here but, unfortunately, the short teleportation mechanic doesn’t quite work. As you can only rotate using WASD trying to position yourself for a jump, especially an angled one, is a little frustrating – and across extended levels with increased difficulty and complexity would be extremely frustrating.

Still; with a little more polish to that mechanic and a few more levels I could have been recommending DotHop a lot more strongly than I am. Still, it’s about 80 meg, free and takes about 5 minutes to complete. Give it a shot.