Eidolon New Release Trailer

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Eidolon is a narrative exploration game set in a large, post-human Western Washington. Developer Ice Water Games have so kindly shared their new release trailer via a press email. The trailer, which gives an overview to the different environments one can explore is seen to boast some rather interesting features such as buildings, a book/diary, long scenic landscapes and even a weather system. Later on, the trailer illustrates the ability to potentially hunt, opening up a vast array of in-game possibilities.


As described on Steam Greenlight:

Eidolon features a survival system (cold, hunger, exhaustion, age, wounds, illness) and some simple tools (bow, rod, campfire), but it is primarily a game about exploring a mysterious landscape and uncovering the stories of the people who came before. These stories, told through documents and memories gleaned from significant locations, are both historical (describing the broad arc of civilization) and intimate (describing the struggles and lives of specific characters and families). But piecing them together, making sense of them, is a challenge. The world of Eidolon is vast, rich, and difficult to traverse.

On a more personal level, Eidolon is a game wrestling with themes dear to us—history, curiosity, interconnectedness, nature, chaos, mortality, and the pure beauty of the world, to name some. We are firmly rooted in Western Washington, where Eidolon is set, most of us having been raised here. In many ways, Eidolon is an attempt to convey some of the magic of this dark, mystical, foggy, cold, and genuinely breathtaking place. We hope that this comes through in the game.

Eidolon is currently scheduled for an August 1st 2014 release.