Endless Legend and Endless Space with free DLC updates

  • Endless Legend - Necrophage attack on Vaulters city
  • Endless Legend necro 1
  • Dungeon of the Endless3
  • Endless Legend - Vaulters Battle Deployment
  • Endless Legend - Vaulters Negociation

Amplitude showing the rest of the world how it’s done.

Morning all! Black Friday is upon us – even if you don’t live in the US it seems like the rest of the retail world has decided that this weekend is a great time to induce mass hysteria. Much safer staying inside I think. Amplitude have, to celebrate Steam’s Exploration Sale, put their games on sale (which you should buy.)

Even better news though is that both Endless Legend and Endless Space have received a pretty decent content patch for free. Here’s the long and short of it:

For Endless Legend the guys and girls of Amplitude have added:

  • Minor Faction: Eyeless One (chosen by the community via a G2G vote)
  • The Vaulters Main Menu Scene
  • 10 New Side Quests
  • Visual Enhancement of Quest Weapons and Minor Villages
  • Faction based Diplomatic Answers
  • Advanced World Generation options
  • Better AI for Empire Plan, Retrofit and Military Assets
  • New Marketplace rules (stock management)
  • Better balancing between Auto and Manual Battles
  • General balancing of Unit Stats, Unit Abilities and City Improvements.
  • Battle UI improvements
  • Add more data to the save files

Hefty. For Endless Space (once again proving that supporting your old games is a great idea)

  • 8 Exploration Random Events
  • 24 Colonization Random Events
  • The Vaulters introduction video
  • 20 Hero Illustrations
  • Global AI Governor
  • Ability to mod in-game graphics such as loading screens
  • Construction Queue improvement
  • Military AI upgrade (Retreat issue / End game ship spamming)
  • The AI can now start the game with a custom faction
  • The German translation has been upgraded (Thanks to Timo)

That’s how you support your flipping games. You can buy either Endless Legend here, Endless Space here or you can buy all of Amplitude’s catalogue (which includes the incredible Dungeon of the Endless) here.