Final Fantasy XIV: Before The Fall 2.5 is live

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More good news today!

When I was posting about the recent Guild Wars 2 expansion I was thinking about how they never really added much to the base game. I was thinking about other MMOs I’d played recently too and how they’d handled content updates. Final Fantasy XIV is one such example. The 2.5 patch, called Before The Fall, includes a ridiculous amount of content for a free patch. Here’s the key points for all you MMOers out there:

New trials have been added:

Urth’s Fount – An eight player trial that requires item level 95 or higher.

Battle in the Big Keep – An eight player trial than requires item level 90 or higher. (This is the Gilgamesh fight!)

Also one more secret one..

THREE new dungeons have been added:

Amdapor Keep (Hard)

The Wanderer’s Palace (Hard)

The Keeper of the Lake – A brand new dungeon in the heart of Mor Dhona – four players and an average item level of 90 required.

The next raid of the crystal tower arc has been added:

The World of Darkness – 24 players (three parties of eight) and an average item level of 90 required.

There’s so much more that’s been adeed though; new story quests, new side quests, massive changes to PvP, new hair styles(!) and new crafting items and recipes for you to discover in the game as well. This patch is ramping up to the release of the Heavensward expansion which is coming in March. Before then, though, there’s a couple more decent content updates heading your way.

The video in the header of this post is TEN MINUTES long and has an extensive look at the changes in this patch.