Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward – June 23rd

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It’s tough to fit that much information into one headline you know?

So I’ve resubscribed to Final Fantasy XIV over the past couple of weeks and, aside from crippling connection issues at certain times, it’s been good to be back. It’s an extremely relaxing game; great music, gorgeous visuals and a really laid back pace that lets you do what you want in your own time. Fishing, crafting, dungeoning, questing or whatever takes your fancy. By allowing players to swap classes on the fly it really opens doors.

The expansion, Heavensward, was announced a short while back and, apart from having a pretty awful title, seems to be doing a lot of things right to move Final Fantasy XIV away from what the original 1.0 release was, and more towards what the new creators want it to be. So aside from announcing the release date for Heavensward, which is June 23rd in case you missed it in the title, there’s also a field walkthrough of some of the new areas embedded in the heading of this post. A few things of note; flying mounts, amazing graphics, new classes. I’m sure you knew all of those things anyway, but I didn’t because I’ve been keeping in the dark about it all, but now I’ve seen it; I’m excited.

Also the screenshots are stock from Final Fantasy XIV – deal with it!