Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward

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Oh Square Enix..

There’s not much information doing the rounds just yet – expect more over the next few days as it filters to those of us who couldn’t go to the Fan fest. What is known, however, is that Final Fantasy XIV’s first expansion is coming out early next year and has the worst title of any game known to mankind.

Here’s some brief information about what we know so far – and the trailer is in the header and is typically gorgeous, over the top and full of dudes with armour.

– Ishgard. focus on Dragoons vs Dragons. (Knights of the round hinted as well)
– Level cap of all classes to 60.
– New areas. (Apparently very large compared to current size.)
– New race – Viangaa? (NOPE it is not) The yet to be announced race will have two genders.
– New job(s).
– New Primals. (Some all new to XIV)
– New Dungeons + High-End Raids.
– Airships Galore? (FC can build airships and more)
– New Gear and Recipes.
– and more to come.