Final Fantasy XIV: Ninja and Rogue

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I don’t post a lot of news anymore. Not that I can’t be bothered – but much of it doesn’t really interest me. I’m trying, as much as I can, to play games to talk about – rather than talk about games I’m not playing. This bit of news falls into both camps.

I haven’t played Final Fantasy XIV for a little while. I hit the end game and wore myself out after steaming through a huge amount of the game’s content in a short amount of time. Then came the PS4 release. The thought of kicking back and fishing via remote play on my Vita was almost too much. Almost.

I would wait until something else was announced, maybe an expansion, before I allowed myself to start thinking about playing the game again. Changes started happening – lightening the end game load, adding more early level content and changes to loot and rewards. Square Enix were pushing it. But now they’ve announced two new classes for the game as well. The video is embedded in the header above – and they’ve also released a trailer catching people up on the game’s Primal bosses.