Flame Over coming 10/11 March

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I guess they could have picked a better date…

So here you have it. March is quickly becoming the month of the Vita. Some obscure Japanese games are heading over but also we have Hotline Miami 2 releasing on March 10th in the US and on the 11th in Europe. Exciting news right? One that I suspect will steal all the headlines. There is, however, another game launching in that window. Flame Over, a game I chatted about a short while back.

The game is a rogue like of sorts, instead of battling zombies and goblins you’re putting out fires. It’s tough to put into words for a brief article so I’ll leave it to the developers to explain the ins and outs:

Blending top down “squirt em-up” action and “Pyroguelike” game mechanics, Flame Over features fast-paced fire-fighting thrills, randomly generated levels, 4 different game zones and dastardly hazards at every turn!

Guide moustachioed fire-fighting legend, Blaze Carruthers, in a race against time and near-certain death! Fight through all 16 floors of the Infernal Industries building in a quest to save it from the dynamically spreading fires threatening to raze it to the ground! Fail, and it’s Flame Over…

It’s going to be a tough sell with words I think. Luckily the guys have been hard at work getting the game into people’s hands and putting out videos explaining and demonstrating the game. There’s one such video in the heading of this post.

Flame Over is coming out on March 10th and 11th and will set you back $10 and about lb8 in the UK. The perfect price point.