Lords of the Fallen – E3 2014 Gameplay Footage

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Good Monday morning to you all! And what a fab Monday morning it is, it’s already like 18 degrees and that’s bloody incredible for our shocking weather system. In-fact, it’s 07:27am and I’m perched ready for a solid days work, in my shorts.

After trawling through today’s email list, I came across one of those Youtube ‘daily featured’ emails everyone seems to get, and on there was some E3 footage which caught my eye. The 09:40 minute video provided by Gamespot features Lords of the Fallen by City Interactive. From what is gathered, City Interactive has not released any E3 2014 trailer for Lords of the Fallen, but Gamespot had the chance to sit down with Tomasz Gop and have a jolly good chat about it.

My Quibbles

In addition, Gamespot presented some new gameplay footage from the demo that was available during this year’s E3. Lords of the Fallen has definitely had some inspiration from the Dark Souls franchise, boasting of similar combat mechanics and rather crazy monsters. However, in terms of combat, graphics and even models / design, City Interactive have really raised the bar from what is seen. Towards the end of the playthrough you can see how the player is quite literally forced to dodge a flurry of attacks varying in size, damage and subtleness of the big ‘boss’. Whilst it may look rather impossible to down the ‘Champion’, I could imagine the satisfaction level of beating such a beast would be incredible, minus the thousands of deaths you may have had to occur up until that point.

Final words: smoothness and ‘choreographic’.

Either/or, I’m going to keep a close eye on this one – watch this space!