Magicka 2 coming to PC and PS4 in May

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And the trailer to accompany the announcement is glorious.

GLORIOUS. Magicka is not a game I enjoyed very much; I didn’t get a hold of the combat. In a pre-DOTA world I couldn’t quite understand it. My friends did though, and shouted and yelped gloriously while they exploded each other in a variety of hilarious ways. While I sat alone in silence.

But not this time. Magicka 2 is coming to PC and Playstation 4 in May and this time I’m ready for it. Paradox are publishing again as part of their push to conquer the world and the Playstation 4, and the four player co-op that made the first game sound so enjoyable is back. The trailer in the heading of this post shows a little of it, but focuses more on spoofing Game of Thrones, which is fine by me!

Here’s the press release, and by press release I mean announcement on Facebook:

Today brings big news! A Magicka 2 launch date! Our loveable Wizards return to the action on the 26th May 2015!

To mark this auspicious occasion we’ve also opened up for pre-orders right now! If that wasn’t exciting enough, Vlad is back with a new trailer! This time he’s feeling somewhat musical…

And that’s that. Get your keyboards ready, or your controls, and get ready to kill your “friends” repeatedly in Magicka 2.