Preview: Drift Stage

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Holy mother of God.

This is the best game I’ve played this year. Sure, we’re only 13 days in, but Drift Stage is absolutely incredible. Ok, before I start gushing wildly let’s talk specifics. Drift Stage is an old school, Outrun like, driving game about going super fast, drifting and looking badass while doing it. The game’s “official” line is that this is a “modern evolution of the classic arcade racer… [with] the late 80’s style intact.” It has that in spades.

The game plays at a breakneck speed; as you fly around corners complete with squealing tires and heart pumping techno and you desperately try to master the track and beat the pre-set ghosts that are laid out before you. When I finally managed to beat the novice ghost I let out an audible yelp and did a freeze frame fist punch, before realising Drift Stage is a hot lap and carries on indefinitely.

Drift Stage rewards you for breaking late, going deep into turns and snapping back out of drifts as quickly as possible. Basically the cooler you look while racing, the better you’re doing.

Drift Stage is now on Kickstarter and, as of now, has just been funded. However unlike most videogame Kickstarters it has both a modest goal and something playable already to give people a real taste of what they’re pledging to. The demo alone was enough to get me to back; but with the promise of a career mode, circuit races, worldwide leaderboards and local and online multiplayer Driftstage really is ticking all the right boxes going forward.

You can download the demo of Drift Stage here and, if you fancy, back the game on Kickstarter here.

Oh, and the music is incredible. INCREDIBLE.