Project Tigra

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Another from the NeoGAF November pile.

Of all the free indies I’ve played in recent weeks Project Tigra feels like the earliest. By the developer’s own admission this is very much in the prototype phase. So a bunch of the assets are placeholder – with that said, though, are there enough glimpses here to suggest there’s something good brewing? Maybe.

It’s difficult to remark on too much with Project Tigra knowing that this is a very early version. I can point to bits of promise but, as I’ve done with a lot of the other free indies I’ve covered, I’d rather tell you if it’s worth your time now, not potentially worth your time when it releases properly.

Project Tigra is pretty rough around the edges; there’s obviously placeholder artwork and enemies in this early stage (which is fine) but there’s nothing that stands out to me as a hook. It’s extremely difficult to release a game nowadays when seemingly anyone with a computer can make one, but in the 2D platforming genre? You better believe you need something to stand out. Whether it’s your artwork, your soundtrack, an interesting mechanic or something else entirely; but Project Tigra hasn’t seemed to find its niche.

There’s no music (which I actually love) as it makes the game all that more peaceful. Project Tigra’s billing is three words on the website; “Desolation. Exploration. Revelation.” If the finished article even scratches those concepts it could well be interesting enough. As it stands, though, Project Tigra isn’t worth playing right now. Is it worth keeping an eye on though? Probably.

You can download the prototype of Project Tigra here.