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Internets! Good morning.

Still Alive Studios, the guys who are currently developing Son of Nor (and whom are very very busy), have been so kind in answering some of questions! Chris Polus, a contact at Still Alive has responded to our questions below.


a) It would be rude not to ask about StillAlive Studios? Could you give us a little background info about your team, job roles etc?

Julian Mautner is the main man behind this undertaking. And basically also his endurance to push the project from a lose “some friends make a game” hobbyistic approach into a fully fledged company that stillalive studios is today. Julian studied quantum physics and is from Austria, like Daniel, our art directory and Alex, our producer. We have more team members in Italy, Switzerland, Finland, the US and Ecuador. This distributed development is complicated and hard, but also what makes us really unique.

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b) Is Son of Nor your first major project?

Yes, absolutely. Many times we heard that our project was too big, that we were too unexperienced, that it would fail with that big scope. These voices were right, the scope was really big. But we didn’t give up. We were lucky we had a team that went all the way.

c) Son of Nor has a clear focus evolved around online and local co-op. What was the reasoning behind this?

We love to play games with friends. We have a team time every Monday where we even play multiplayer games together with members of the team, as if we’re not seeing each other enough already. And playing Son of Nor with friends is just so much more fun. It was a natural decision.

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d) What has been the most difficult aspect in terms of the development of Son of Nor?

I can’t think of any one aspect being the most difficult one. We faced so many hard challenges that it’s hard to decide. We’re distributed around the world and we first had to learn to properly work together not being in an office together. It’s a totally different work style. We faced lots of technical issues we had to overcome. And building a solid team that has to dedicate 120% to this project while being everywhere in the world is like trying to operate on the open heart in Surgeon Simulator 2014. Now that the development of Son of Nor is in its final stretches, all pieces naturally fall into place. We’re very thrilled about the last days and the months to come until release!