Shelter 2 Release Trailer

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The cutest, saddest, game gets a sequel and a trailer.

Ok so here’s the deal; Shelter was properly depressing. You were a mummy badger and there were baby badgers and then some of them died. And then you died. It was horrendous. What I didn’t need, come the end of the game, was to think about a sequel. A sequel to a sad game? No thank you sir.

Unfortunately it’s happening. Shelter 2 is happening. It’s happening people. There’s a trailer to show you how sad it’s going to be in the heading of this post. Watch it and be sad with me.

Guide a powerful Lynx through vast open landscapes. Give birth to your cubs, raise and strengthen them by mastering your skills for hunting prey. Explore the wild beauty of nature and do everything possible to prepare your family for the vicious entities dwelling on the cold tundra.

Look at all those sad words; “vicious” “cold” and giving birth to things?! Horrible. Shelter 2 will be horrible and sad.