The Sims 4 New 20 Minute Gameplay Footage

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Good morning internets! It’s Monday, 09:03am and I’m sitting in the office enjoying this rather cool early start. Over the weekend the UK has seen temperatures soar to the near 30’s (degrees C for those American folk out there). Humidity which would quite literally melt your skin and golfing action which would make you cry.

Nevertheless The Sims 4 kicks this week off with 20 minutes of gameplay footage. Electronic Arts and Maxis have recently released a new video for the latest part of ‘The Sims’ series, featuring over 15 minutes of gameplay footage. EA and Maxis also promised a demo that will hit the Internet really soon. As soon as that demo comes out, we’ll provide you with some first impressions.

The Sims 4 is coming to the PC on September 2nd! Enjoy!