Tiger & Squid and Team 17’s Beyond Eyes

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A far cry from Worms.

EGX Rezzed is just around the corner, and for many indie devs it’s their first opportunity to show off their new games, especially on UK shores. Team 17 is one such developer. Teaming up with Tiger Squid, the one woman studio founded by Sherida Halatoe, they are bringing Beyond Eyes to PCs and consoles this year.

The screenshots are beautiful, but the premise itself is something a little unique. You play as Rae, a ten year old girl who goes in search of a “fat” cat called Nani. Rae is, however, blind. She lost her eyesight in a firework accident when she was younger but is venturing out of her house in search of her “full figured” cat.

Beyond Eyes looks to be extremely sensory; with the world responding to Rae’s presence. If you are heading to EGX Rezzed this week then be sure to check out Beyond Eyes being shown off by Team 17. EGX Rezzed is running from the 12th to the 14th of March at Tobacco Dock, London.

Here’s a little blurb about Tiger & Squid that made me smile:

tiger & squid is an one girl gamestudio founded by sherida halatoe that creates short, beautiful games to make people happy, sometimes a little sad and then happy again.

I love to be both sad and happy, and then happy and sad.