Tribal and Error

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This is pretty damn good too.

Next up is Tribal and Error – an extremely unique game about learning and language. You play as a little robotic tape player who can record caveman grunts and groans and use them, along with the caveman’s actions, to decipher the language and solve problems and puzzles.

It’s adorable. Tribal and Error is also extremely intelligent; vary rarely are games about learning. You can learn mechanics and rule sets within games, but this is specifically about learning, learning a new language to help cavemen.

The demo is basic, but does enough to generate interest in the full game. You see a sad caveman, a cold caveman and a couple of thug cavemen throwing stones at a wall. You can work out what cold is, what rock is, what throw is and what sad is immediately. You can then put that knowledge to work, using those words to try and interact with others. The one caveman using a stick, and those throwing rocks, can be taught to spark rocks together on sticks to start fires, keeping them warm etc

It’s extremely satisfying to solve puzzles this way, more so than any kind of arbitrary puzzle solving we’re used to seeing in other games. You can download the demo of Tribal and Error here and see what you think for yourselves.