Trine 3 Announced

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One of the first games I ever wrote a review about was Trine. Beautiful and different was the short version of the story, and with a lot of room for growth. It warms my heart, then, to see Trine 3 announced today. The little game series that could.

The second game was even more beautiful and really capitalised on most of the great ideas the first one lay down. I struggled to see where a third game could go, though, without making the formula stale. The solution was simple; Trine 3 would offer shifting camera perspectives.

Brilliant! At least it sounded so on first hearing, then I started to worry; “But what if it doesn’t work?” I thought, “What if it’s awful to look at?!” The trailer in the heading of the post quickly put my fears to rest. Go on, watch it. Right now. Don’t read another word until you have done.

Ok.. are you with me? Good. Here’s what Frozenbyte have to say about it all:

The Three Heroes embark on a new adventure through an enchanting fairytale world full of wonders, puzzles, dangerous foes and strange magic – coming 2015!

Yes. That really is it for now, alongside the trailer and some extremely beautiful screenshots. That will have to keep you busy for now until we get any more information. Trine 3 should be with us at some point this year.