The Universim celebrates February

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With an awesome update.

There’s way too much in this February update for The Universim to post in one go; after all what would be the point in them posting it on their blog if I copied it all here!? Thankfully I’m not going to; just one or two of the keys bits of information.

Aside from a new Twitch channel, some new members of staff joining the team and some business like discussions there is still an awful lot to sink your teeth into in this Universim update. Some is extremely specific, they read a little more like patch notes in truth, but here are the highlights:

In this update, we will be focusing on the worker behaviors that we’re both working on and have planned down the pipe. Please note that this is all work in progress and features may change later on.

As you know by now, workers will be the workforce of your civilization and accomplish tasks based on the epicenter needs. Workers are assigned to specific roles, each with their part to play:

The parts themselves are demonstrated in a cute little graphic which was too big to fit in my slider… but you can see it on the main blog post here.

Combat Stats

The combat system hasn’t yet been finalized, so these stats are currently in conceptual design. While our goal is to not make The Universim into a combat, real time strategy game, combat will still play an important role.

When a worker is created and in their adulthood, they will generate some base combat stats. These stats will change, however, based on modifiers from their current job role. For example, a Guard will have more courage than a mere Farmer.

I love a lot of what these guys are doing, and there’s both some teaser video and some gorgeous teaser music on the website as well.